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Best Place To Advertise CBD

Are you looking for a simple but effective place to advertise your cbd products but don’t know where to turn too?

Then you must get to know a site named Wicked Ads, This ad network works directly with a niche industry only and that niche is Vape Shops, CBD websites and Cannabis related sites, If your business falls in one of these categories then you must check this ad network out. Wicked ads works a little different from other networks in this niche (for the better though), I’ve had a chance to try them out and I must admit that I was pleasantly pleased, They did everything they advertised they were going to do and the process was simple and straight forward, Wished I had found them along time ago because it would have save me time and money trying these other guys outs before wicked ads and only to be banned from advertising my cbd shop with them.

So, How exactly does Wicked Ads Work?

As stated above, Wicked ads was exactly what I was looking for when advertising my cbd shop, I just wanted some place I can slap my banners on but didn’t want my ads being seen on sites that weren’t similar to mind, Wicked ads only places your ad on other live and highly trafficked cbd, vape or cannabis websites, all in which are the same industry because usually if someone is looking for cbd products they are probably interested in cannabis products as well and even vape products, So I like the fact that they only show my banner ad on these sites only, You know where your ads are placed because they list exactly who is on their network on their site and where your banner ad can be seen. Getting started with wicked ads is very easy, I simply uploaded my banner and link to where I want the traffic they send too and a few basic information and BAM, my site was instantly placed on their network, It’s really that simple. CBD advertising doesn’t have to be challenging, Wicked ads makes everything so easy, They offer different banner sizes such as 300×250, 728×90 and 970×90.

Can anyone advertise with Wicked Ads?

The short answer is No, Unlike other networks out there who take on just about any website and are saturated with sites that just don’t fit with your site and can lead to no traffic or clicks because your banner ad just isn’t in front of the right audience it needs to be. Wicked ads only deals with the vape, cbd or cannabis industry in their network, they also own and operate these sites so you know you are in good hands when a network knows exactly how to take on your business. Some networks make you go through the loop just to submit your banner advertising but with wicked ads it’s a simple submission form and if your business falls in the category as stated above then you are approved and can see you ad on similar sites in one hour.

Bottom line

I recommend wicked ads to anyone who are struggling to advertise their legitimate business that are in the vape, cbd, or cannabis related business, It’s worth a try and their prices are really reasonable, Try it out for like a week and see if they are the right fit for you, If you like their services then you can choose to advertise on their network for longer durations.