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Our Story is a banner advertising network for businesses in the Vape, Cbd or Cannabis industry.

Our team is 100% dedicated in helping businesses that are stuck and just down right tired of being rejected by ad networks who don’t want to work with high risk businesses such Vape Shop owners, CBD or Cannabis owners but when everybody says no, Wicked ads says yes!

We started this ad network because we see the need in helping businesses that just want to advertise their legitimate business like everyone else and to an audience that want to actually see what they have to offer and not just randomly putting your banner ads on sites that isn’t relevant to yours.

How we work

We are not your average network company that requires allot from your end to build your campaign, With Wicked Ads you simply do the following:

Submit your banner and website you want linked to that banner.

Pick a package (by impressions or clicks)

We then place your banner on our high traffic sites that includes a mixture of vape sites, cbd sites and cannabis related sites.

That’s it, You banners will be stationary and in visible locations of these sites such as sidebar, header and footer areas.

No More Brainstorming!

Advertising a cbd, marijuana or vape site has it challenges and marketing it can be very frustrating at times but we have done the work for you! Our simple banner advertising network just for sites like yours has helped thousands of businesses who are having trouble with advertising needs.

Super Easy

Super easy to get started, Simply submit your advertising HERE. Choose how long you want your banners displayed on our network. Sit back and watch the traffic come in from relevant sites.

Deeply Committed

We are here to serve the outcast advertisers who are not accepted on other ad networks. We will always be committed to this special industry because we know how difficult it can be promoting your business.

Highly Skilled

We are highly skilled not only in marketing and making sure your ads are in front of the right audience, but we also run and operate high traffic vape, cbd and cannabis websites just like yours.